Woodbridge Primary School

Woodbridge aspires to be the most caring and encouraging community school


Woodbridge PS encourages and welcomes family and community members into the school as volunteers.


Classroom Helpers

The school has an open-door policy, seeking and appreciating the help of volunteers in the classroom. The kids love it too! Volunteers often assist with reading, science experiments, preparing resources, art and craft activities, and small group work, to name a few.

Our librarian also gladly receives any offers of help.


P & C Events

The P & C hold a number of fundraising events each year and greatly appreciate the support of family members and the community, whether it be co-ordinating events or just helping out on the day.


Local Community Volunteers

The school is fortunate to have the support of a number of volunteers from the community, including Landgate. These volunteers provide 1:1 mentoring, through games and hands-on projects, such as the construction of benches for the playground and bird boxes for the school and local parklands.