Woodbridge Primary School

Woodbridge aspires to be the most caring and encouraging community school


The school has expanded its music program this year to include in-class music, choir, drumming, keyboarding and band.


Class Program

All students from Pre-Primary to Year 6 participate weekly in music with a specialist Music teacher. Lessons are designed to ensure students learn key concepts including rhythm, beat, melody and harmony. Students also learn musical notation and the playing of a number of instruments.



Our choir includes students from Years 3 - 6. The choir demonstrates its skills through performances at assemblies, Christmas Carols and annual events. A strong emphasis is also placed on community engagement, with the choir performing at a number of locations in the local area.



In 2012, the school introduced the Holyoake Drumbeat Program as part of our Pastoral Care agenda. The program is specifically designed to develop students' social skills and relationships through African djembe drumming.

Staff members deliver the program to small groups of middle and upper primary students. The students participate in weekly sessions, culminating in an end of term performance.  



Band is operated by Governor Stirling Senior High School and includes selected senior students from a number of local primary schools.