Woodbridge Primary School

Woodbridge aspires to be the most caring and encouraging community school

School Board

The School Board consists of representatives from the school and parent body, occupying various tenures between one and three years. It functions primarily to

  • To promote the school in the community
  • To determine student dress code in consultation with students, parents and staff
  • To approve Contributions and Charges
  • To provide advice
  • To take part in:
    • Business/Strategic Planning
    • Reviewing policy
    • Selection of principal
    • School review processes
    • Code of conduct for students.

The School Board meets twice per term.

Parents are welcome to nominate to hold a position on the Board when they become available. They are also welcome to approach members of the Board with concerns, queries or suggestions.

School Board Members 2024

School Representatives

  • Paul Marshall
  • Michelle Goodman
  • Kim Stone
  • Deb Taylor (Secretary)
  • Rachel Weller
  • Jean Muthukumaraswarmy

Parent Representatives

  • Amy Lang (Chair)

Amy's Profile

My name is Amy. I am English and migrated from London to Perth in 2006 with my Australian partner, Scott. We live in the Woodbridge Lakes area and have 2 boys : Ezra, year 6 and Arlo who is in year 4. Last year we welcomed a splendid whippet puppy to the family. He is called Bodhi and is born to run. To watch him in full sprint is one my favourite things.

Before becoming a parent I was an Interior Designer, specialising in retail hospitality (shops, bars etc). Those days are behind me, and my creative output now tends to be 'Nailed It' style birthday cakes and minor home improvement. My own and my family's health and well-being is very important to me. I love us to be together with the puppy for a play by the river or dog beach, followed by a cafe stop for a good coffee. I enjoy being in the kitchen and cooking for my family. It would be even nicer if my little people actually wanted to eat the food I make.

 I’m a reader of fiction and recently more non fiction, usually around the theme of being human and what to do with that. I care about how all our children navigate this fast moving world they have been born into, and how we can nurture, support and really connect with them.

 Me and Bodhi are often at the Amherst Road gate at school drop off and pick up. Please feel very welcome to come and say hello and Bodhi might show you his kangaroo impression.

  • Linda Whyte
  • Rai Dietrich
  • Lync Robson
  • Aden Van den Beld

2023 School Board Meeting Minutes