Woodbridge Primary School

Woodbridge aspires to be the most caring and encouraging community school


Drama Club

The school offers drama through our after-school program, with a number of school staff involved. The focus for 2017 is improvisation, puppetry, play-building  and choral work. The initiative compliments our pastoral care program by developing student confidence, persistence, resilience, co-operation and organisation skills.

Providing genuine performance opportunities forms a big part of our Arts programs, as such such, students will be performing at Presentation Assemblies, other special school events, the Governor Stirling Senior High School Drama Festival and an Improvisation Competition conducted at school.


Theatre Sports

A small group of Year 5 and 6 students have been selected (based on their 2016 performances) to participate in an Interschool Theatresport Competition this term, hosted by Governor Stirling Senior High School.