Woodbridge Primary School

Woodbridge aspires to be the most caring and encouraging community school

Early Childhood

Woodbridge Primary School offers a highly regarded Early Childhood program that focuses on developing the academic, physical, emotional and social competencies of each child through both play and structured learning experiences. It is designed to seamlessly transition into the Middle School program.


Language and Literacy

It is imperative that students develop sound oral language skills in the early years, as these lay the foundation for future success reading, writing and spelling. Specifically, Woodbridge:

  • delivers the intensive PreLit Program designed to complement a play-based learning environment. The program provides children with a sound basis in phonological (sound) awareness and oral language development 
  • develops knowledge of how language is constructed so students can effectively comprehend and use it
  • engenders a love of books through daily reading, while fostering skills in retelling of stories and recounting of events
  • encourages students to experiment with writing to develop skills such as left to right directionality and correct pencil grip



Critical numeracy concepts that underpin later mathematical knowledge and skills are explicitly taught through books, games, role play, hands-on activities and technology.

Students engage in concepts including number, patterning, geometry, measurement, probability and data.


Knowledge of the World

Students increase their understanding of the world by engaging in science, history, geography and technology concepts.

They apply the inquiry approach to ask questions, make predictions, conduct investigations and present their findings.


Fine Motor Skills

Students develop the fine motor skills essential for reading and writing and through art and craft (painting, drawing, cutting, gluing), puzzles, threading, writing, cooking, colouring and manipulation of materials such as playdoh.

The Peggy Lego program is used to teach students pre-writing concepts and skills including hand-eye co-ordination, control, strength, pencil grip, directionality and crossing the midline.


Gross Motor Skills

A structured Perceptual Motor Program is implemented at Woodbridge PS to teach students key gross motor skills (large muscles) including balance, co-ordination, strength, motor planning, bilaterality and crossing the midline.

Students regularly engage in an obstacle course - climbing, kicking, jumping, hopping, crawling, throwing, catching, rolling etc. - to develop these skills. Structured and free play also provide opportunities for skill development.  


Health and Socio-Emotional Skills

Getting along, confidence, persistence, resilience and organisation are taught to students through modelling, conferencing, role play, games, play and explicit activities to develop their socio-emotional skills.  

By fostering these key skills, students are provided with the tools to identify their emotions, regulate their behaviour, work independently and co-operate with others in a range of contexts.  

Students also learn about healthy living concepts including sun care, hygiene and healthy food choices.