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Room 6 STEM Project- Hollywood Community

10th May 2019

Last term In HASS , Room 6 learnt about their place in the world and the community they live in. The students applied their knowledge of communities and created a 'Hollywood Community' for their STEM project in Term 1. They all did an amazing job as town planners, working together to prioritise the importance of which buildings to include. Each student was responsible for creating one building and a residential house. It was wonderful to observe the students using their engineering skills. I was very impressed with their efforts to plan, create and assess their 'Hollywood community.' Thank you to the wonderful parents, who volunteered their time to help with the project.  The community will be on display in Room 6, for 2 more weeks and both parents, students and members of the community, are welcome to visit and come have a look.  Mrs Blee

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