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Room 12 Incursion - The Western Swamp Tortoise

11th Jun 2021

Room 12 were lucky to have Jan from Friends of the Western Swamp Tortoise visit us in May. She taught us about the ways that the critically endangered Western Swamp Tortoise is being protected at the Ellenbrook Nature Reserve and bred at the Perth Zoo. The students learnt about how the tortoises are released back into their natural habitat when they are strong enough and trained to use special tunnels. Did you know there are only 50 adult tortoises left across 2 reserves not far from us? Jan is one of the many volunteers who work and champion to keep this population strong and growing. The Ellenbrook Nature Reserve was effected badly by the February fires but luckily most of the tortoises were underground at this time. Phew! Our class will be inviting their families to view their tortoise art work and research in the near future for a gold coin donation which we will send to Friends of Westy to help them continue their essential work and community education.  

Mrs Kensett-Smith and Mrs Walmsley  


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